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In many cases, the court grants probation in lieu of serving a prison sentence. In order to avoid the jail sentence, the individual must comply with the terms of probation. If these terms are violated, the court may attempt to impose the original sentence on the individual.

If the individual is found to have violated his or her probation terms, a warrant will be issued with their name on it. There are still many effective tools available to you that you can utilize to greatly lessen your chances of serving jail time for your violation. It is urgent to get defense counsel immediately, preferably before being picked up by law enforcement and incarcerated.

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Anyone charged with a probation violation is in danger of losing certain rights and their freedom. If you are found guilty of a probation violation, the court may punish you severely and you may be forced to serve the sentence you avoided by going on probation, with added time for the violation.

Defenses for Probation Violations

In many cases, the individual was unable to report to his or her probation officer due to extenuating circumstances. Administrative errors, a drug test failure, being arrested and charged with another offense, failing to pay fines on time, or completed court-mandated treatment programs while on probation or other situations can lead to charges of violating probation.

In such cases, it is imperative that you have someone at your side fighting to keep you out of jail. Severe illness and other issues arise in life and you should not have to go to jail because you were genuinely unable to report.

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Get Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clarksville

It is important to have a Clarksville criminal defense lawyer at your side that is well-versed in Tennessee law regarding probation violations. Those accused of probation violations need to have their rights fought for and protected. The firm has helped many clients throughout Montgomery County to retain their rights and privileges after being accused of a probation violation.

There are many actions that can be taken right away that will greatly improve your chances of remaining free. Have your circumstances reviewed by a qualified attorney so that you can avoid damaging your future.

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