Common Questions About Criminal Defense

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We at Grimes, Sensing & Clemons, PLLC fully understand how troubling this situation must seem to you. Whether you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI, or you’re facing even more serious criminal charges such as armed robbery, homicide, or a white collar crime, many of your freedoms are at stake. Our Clarksville criminal defense attorneys want you to know your rights and what decisions to make at this phase to promote a better outcome.

Below, you’ll find anticipated questions along with their answers that are aimed at keeping you informed and establishing some peace of mind in the fact that there is hope in our criminal justice system. Believe it or not, the pressure is not on you but on the prosecution to prove guilt in a court of law and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Contact a Clarksville criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a crime and want a strong defense that knows how to achieve victory.

  • Why is criminal defense important?

    Criminal defense is perhaps the most important factor in determining whether an individual charged with a crime will go free, or face conviction and the resulting financial penalties, jail or prison sentences and other repercussions, depending on specific charges and severity. An individual's right to a competent defense is of paramount importance in the United States legal system, and every criminal trial requires, at the very least, the right to a proper defense.
  • What are the consequences of a poor criminal defense?

    An insufficient or poor criminal defense that provides little evidence to establish doubt as to the defendant's guilt will most definitely result in a conviction with penalty. Some strategies for defense may fall short in trial, but it is the responsibility of your Clarksville criminal defense attorney to see to produce a defense that is raises reasonable doubt sufficiently to the jury. In some cases, a criminal defense may be so inept that it actually allows a greater risk of serious penalties as opposed to a more sound strategy that could have ended with minimal consequences.
  • How can a good defense lawyer help me?

    A professional criminal defense lawyer can build a comprehensive defense based on available evidence, circumstantial facts, expert witness testimony, challenging prosecution witnesses and other actions that can effectively convince a jury to take a closer look at the prosecution's evidence and allow for the consideration that there may be doubt as to the defendant's guilt. A seasoned defense attorney can stand for the accused and provide confident representation that commands attention, and achieves results.
  • Where can I find a criminal defense lawyer in Clarksville?

    Grimes, Sensing & Clemons PLLC is an accomplished law firm proudly serving Montgomery County, TN that provides high-quality representation for those who have been accused of, or charged with a crime. Their firm can draw upon their experiences, skills and resources to explore every possible option for a winning defense. Attorney Jeff Grimes is a champion for the accused, and may be able to give you the edge you need to secure freedom from your charges.

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