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Orders of Protection and your Rights

An order of protection is a court order with the purpose of stopping child abuse, spousal abuse or other kinds of abuse. It forbids the individuals listed on it from physically or verbally contacting the individual that has filed it. Orders of protection or restraining orders are meant to restrain certain conduct. Although in many cases, restraining orders are a necessary precaution, some who have an order of protection filed against them feel that it is unfounded. There are various types of orders of protection that may be filed against an individual. Domestic violence restraining orders can be obtained by an individual when he or she files a petition with the court.

If the person alleges that an individual is threatening them, stalking them, or posing physical harm to them in any way, the judge may grant the order of protection based on the evidence that he or she is given. The restraining order that is granted by the judge will be temporary and the judge will allow a hearing date to be set for a permanent restraining order to be reviewed. An order of protection can have negative ramifications in the life of the person that is meant to be restrained including affecting potential employment, potential loans and other opportunities. This is just one of the reasons it is so important that a qualified Clarksville criminal defense attorney is hired to defend the individual that the restraining order is filed against.

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Sadly, not all restraining orders are filed out of actual fear for safety or well-being. The firm has assisted many individuals that were facing orders of protection that were not warranted. An order of protection can damage your future and anyone facing a possible restraining order that they feel is not valid should not delay in seeking experienced legal help to defend them. Having the assistance of a truly qualified attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of the order of protection hearing.

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