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Misdemeanor charges have serious penalties.

Anyone charged with a misdemeanor should seek the assistance of a Clarksville criminal defense attorney at their earliest convenience. Misdemeanor crimes are considered less serious than felony offenses and many don't realize that a misdemeanor conviction can lead to up to a year in jail. In actual fact, misdemeanor charges carry penalties that can alter your future markedly and leave long-lasting damaging effects. Those that are not U.S. citizens may also have their immigration status in jeopardy if convicted of a misdemeanor. In today's job market, many employers are not willing to risk hiring anyone with a criminal record of any type. The best way to lower your chances of facing conviction is to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney that is highly trained in criminal defense and ready to fight for your rights.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Clarksville

Attorney Jeff Grimes and attorney Colleen Hyder have successfully achieved acquittals for many clients that were facing misdemeanor charges. The firm can assist those that are facing the following types of misdemeanors: DUI, drug crimes, robbery/theft crimes , domestic violence, prostitution, trespassing, gambling, disorderly conduct, traffic violations, assault and battery, larceny, underage possession of alcohol and vandalism.

Although misdemeanor crimes are penalized less severely than felonies, those convicted may have to carry out lengthy probation sentences, pay expensive fines and court fees, and be forced to attend treatment programs. In addition to fighting for the rights of those accused of a misdemeanor, the firm has also helped many to expunge misdemeanor charges from their record enabling them to participate in more of life's opportunities. Anyone in need of legal assistance should speak with an attorney from the firm so that they can be informed of their best course of action. You can fight back.

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