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Are you being investigated for a crime?

In the past, attorneys at the firm have been contacted by individuals who are being investigated for criminal activity. The attorneys are often asked, by those under investigation, whether or not they recommend getting an attorney. Without question, the answer is yes. One of the key rights you have is the right to an attorney. It is imperative that you exercise this right if you are under investigation.

Another right you have is the right to remain silent. If you are being investigated for a serious criminal offense, do not speak to anyone until you've contacted a Clarksville criminal defense attorney at the firm. The attorneys at the firm understand the investigatory procedure. They know law enforcement officials do not investigate individuals with regard to their involvement in criminal activities unless they have information or evidence which has led them to you. Whether they want to get your side of the story or simply see what you know, protect your rights and consult with an attorney at the firm.

If you believe you are being investigated for misdemeanors , DUI, assault, sex crimes or any homicide or other serious offense keep these general tips in mind in order to ensure you and your rights are protected:

  • Don't panic. Contact an attorney at Grimes, Sensing & Clemons PLLC as soon as possible in order to discuss your situation.
  • Don't worry about finding a quick resolution to your case. Under law, there are often time limits imposed in regards to how quickly charges must be filed, etc. So in some circumstances, time could work in your favor - as long as you are working with an experienced and committed attorney.
  • Remember the law enforcement and the prosecutor in your case will be determined to achieve a conviction. Your rights must be protected by a defense lawyer that is focused on your freedom and your case. The attorney from the firm will spend the time to investigate the case, and all its facts, in order to determine what defense actions should be initiated to protect you.
  • Interviews can be terminated at any time. Protecting your rights is more important than the appearance of being cooperative. You have the right, under the law, to remain silent. Do so.
  • Do not lie or justify your actions in any way. There is no reason to lie and doing so could potentially jeopardize the success of your case.
  • All documents, potential evidence and written statements should be given to your attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Clarksville

The attorneys at the firm are fully versed and experienced with criminal defense cases from investigation through case preparation and, if necessary, going to trial. Once you contact an attorney at the firm, they will take the time to answer your questions and thoroughly evaluate your circumstances and the ongoing investigation, in order to determine your best legal options. Attorney Jeff Grimes, Attorney Colleen Hyder and the other attorneys at the firm are dedicated to giving you the best representation possible.

If you or a loved one is being investigated in connection with a criminal offense, contact a Clarksville criminal defense attorney at the firm in order to schedule your confidential consultation today.

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