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There are few things more devastating than the experience of being arrested and charged with a crime, then standing trial to defend yourself before a jury who may decide between authorizing your freedom and finding you guilty of charges. It is critical for anyone who is accused of a crime in Montgomery County, TN to seek the kind of criminal defense that gets results.

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Grimes, Sensing & Clemons PLLC can provide you with complete legal services including representation for criminal defense as well as personal injury, family law and other areas. Their firm has consistently found success defending clients in cases such as robbery and theft, homicide, drug crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, DUI and many others.

Why it Is Important to Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Criminal Defense in Clarksville

The legal process is often stressful, confusing and complicated for many accused individuals who are facing the criminal justice system for the first time. Attorney Jeff Grimes has an excellent track record of providing valuable insight and guidance through the legal process, and making sure that clients are aware of their position within the process, their defense strategy and the current status of any negotiations that have been undertaken to gain an advantage for them.

Benefits of Choosing Grimes, Sensing & Clemons PLLC :

  • A history of impressive case results, including complete dismissals and acquittals
  • 24/7 availability from a compassionate, skilled lawyer
  • Nearly 20 years of legal experience
  • Direct access to a lawyer who has tried cases before state and federal levels of court, including First Degree Murder

Choose a Firm with a Solid Track Record

The penalties that come with the conviction of a crime in Montgomery County, TN are disastrous for any defendant. Not only must the individual face financial penalties, jail or prison time and other sanctions imposed upon them, but consequences outside of the courtroom can negatively impact post-release employment opportunities and strain social relationships as well as those close ties within the family.

Some individuals may require assistance dealing with probation violations, while others may be seeking expungement to effectively erase a prior conviction from their record. Attorney Jeff Grimes has extensive knowledge of post-trial matters and can be a tremendous help in navigating this process.

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Exceptional Legal Counsel in Criminal Cases in Clarksville, TN

The firm takes the needs of their clients very seriously, and will deliver results against both misdemeanors and felonies. As a psychological operations specialist in the United States Army during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Attorney Jeff Grimes was able to develop a keen understanding of the human mind and how people process information.

This same skill is reflected in every defense strategy, and can be a distinct advantage when speaking for the defendant in court to compel a jury to decide in your favor. You have a right to an intelligent, well-presented and convincing defense, and the firm will help you get there.

Contact a Clarksville criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been arrested and charged with a crime, and want the best representation available.

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